Samll Animal boarding in Leeds Yorkshire rabbits, bunny, Guinea pigs, Chinchillas, ferrets, rats, Hamsters, gerbils, mice indoor and outside boarding

 I live in Guiseley nr Leeds, with my children. I breed and show Mini Lop Rabbits.

Due to my increasing number of pets,  I decided to pursue my own holiday boarding for small animals because as an animal keeper myself, I know how hard it can be to find someone you can trust to provide this care for your pets when you go away

With Yorkshire Small Animal Boarding we offer a dedicated 5-Star service, set in a peaceful countryside location, caring for your small pets whilst you’re on holiday, or on weekend trips away.


We offer a boarding service in our home for 1 family's indoor small animals at anyone time, this enables me to offer the pets a home from home experience.  Cages can be supplied when needed - please state when booking.



All rabbits and guinea pigs will be housed in secure, purpose-built outdoor hutches. They all have a privacy sheltered bedroom and large open-plan living area. Hutches sizes are 3ft x2ft,  4ft x 2ft, 5ft x 2ft  and  6ft x 2ft and for double occupancy of giant rabbits we can off a double storey 6ft x 2ft hutch.
The hutches are made up with shavings, straw beds and fresh hay racks for grazing. They are kept clean, and thoroughly disinfected between guests. Smaller guests can board in their own cages where transport allows for this, or alternative cages can be supplied when needed - please state when booking.

Rabbits and guinea pigs will be transferred to safe and secure grazing runs during the day,
allowing them to feed naturally, stretch and play - with access to toys, tubes and tunnels!
Each grazing run has a sheltered cover to protect them from the elements; sun, wind or rain.
Water bottles are attached to each run. Boarders will not be put into mixed groups.
Grooming and cuddles are essential. Time allows for each boarder to receive one-on-one attention.

 Contact 07941149216